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Double Spy is the autobiography over the three years (1967 - 1970) in which I worked for the Dutch secret service. However, I was approached by the East German intelligence while visiting my girlfriend in their country. That was my second visit to the GDR. During the first I combined a visit to my girlfriend with a radio report on the youth behind the Berlin Wall. The East Germans granted me an interview with Margot Honecker, wife of the later leader of the communist party and the country.


Being a spy in reality differs very, very much from the excitement of "Bond, James Bond" movies. One has to be cool, very cool. My story is about my chess studying as a cloak during my travelling, the smuggling in the trains, and a soccer game Dukla Prague vs Ajax Amsterdam. Following this, I was approached by both sides. What will make you laugh are the spying orders I received and the crazy safety advice by the East Germans. Their spy supervisors went directly from graduating high school to a 'Spy-Academy'. In my book I tell about how I used the espionage materials (camera, special paper, codes, false passport and ID).


My behaviour as a western journalist didn't fit into the communist frame of mind. Those people in my life who loved me were fearful for my safety. Shortly thereafter, my wife convinced me to stop spying after our son was born. That caused a flow of threatening letters from Berlin, since the Dutch secret service didn't allow me to travel anymore to Berlin. They had confiscated all espionage materials, effectively ending my career.


My name has surfaced in the STASI archives, but nothing more. This is my story as a Double Spy.


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